NICRO Was founded in 1968 and considering that its founder began giving services in 1943, we've aquired more than sixty five years of experience in Plating.

Our first client was Sunbeam Mexicana,
our first product: Nickel-Chromium on the base of Osterizer mixers.

We started out giving services with a group of
40 people in a 2000 m2 area and at the moment we have  a team of 300 employees in a 4000 m2 area.

We constitute a group of three enterprises with 550 employees:

NICRO SA de CV (Tlalnepantla, Edo de Mex.) since 1968

CRONI SA de CV (Cd Juárez, Chih.) since 1999:

NICROBOLTA SA de CV (Puebla, Pue.) since 2005:

Purpose of Metal Finishing

By means of electrodepositing a metal, an alloy or even a composite, on a metallic or plastic surface, we can increase lubricity, resistance to the abrasion, to corrosion, to improve adhesion and/or the appearance of said surface for its application in several fields such as: Automotive, electronic, home appliances, communications, construction, aeronautics and decoration among others.

These are some of our

Experts in Metal Finishing